Trijicon SRS: The Next-Generation Red Dot Sight Now Available

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If you are looking for innovators in red dot sight design and functionality, look no further than the Trijicon SRS. With a first in sight blueprints, the Trijicon SRS is actually a hybrid dual-illuminated sight that can run on solar power. Similar to other Trijicon designs, it does away with tritium gas for reticule lighting and does not employ direct sunlight.

The Company
Trijicon was initially known as Armson USA, the exclusive importer and distributor of Armson OEG - an occluded type gun sight - back in 1981. By 1985, founder Glyn Bindon reorganized the company to form Trijicon and started production of night sights for pistols, a business that soon grew to the company it is now known.

Currently based in Michigan, U.S.A., Trijicon has made a name for itself in manufacturing and distributing optical sighting devices for various types of firearms. It specializes in the design and assembly of self-luminous optics and night sights mostly for rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Apart from this private enterprise, Trijicon is also a known as one of the contractors for the United States military mainly supplying the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) and the RX01 reflex sights for the armory.

The Sight Specs
The Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight) is a compact little red dot sight that was made with the military and law enforcement officials in mind. Virtually indestructible, this red dot sight is made of aluminum alloy housing with a 38mm objective and 28mm aperture that enables a very wide field of view. Moreover, the €tube effect€ and parallax distortion are improved through its short overall length. It is likewise comparatively smaller than similar products made by competitors like EOTech and Aimpoint - 3.75 by 2.5 by 2.4 inches. However, do not be fooled by its small stature. Even with a mount and a battery, the Trijicon SRS weighs in at only 13.8 ounces, still at par with competing optics. It is also fog proof, waterproof (up to 165 feet) and with ten brightness settings to choose from.

Another aesthetic and pragmatic marvel that Trijicon SRS is proud of is the product's snag-free design. There are no visible dials or protrusions on the scope that can cause snags or unintentional adjustments on the settings. In addition, the best feature that Trijicon SRS shouts from the rooftops is the fact that not only can it run on your regular single AA-alkaline or lithium battery, it can likewise operate using solar power. Yes, that is right, power from the sun. The sight is equipped with a solar panel that automatically supplies power during outdoor daylight conditions. Moreover, even if the red dot sight remains running on purely AA cells, it can remain juiced for use for up to three years.

The price of a Trijicon SRS will not depress your bank account, but it does not actually come cheap. This red dot sight starts at eight hundred dollars plus a couple more if you opt to purchase it with the quick-detach mount. Nonetheless, with the features that it brings, you get value for your money.
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