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If you travel a lot or even if you travel only during vacation time, you should always pay attention to your valuable assets inside the hotel and outside it.
Getting something stolen like your purse, your wallet or your expensive watch will surely ruin your vacation.
Burglars aren't your only worry; dangerous strangers should be avoided too.
Hotels may give you an impression of safety, but they have so many different guests that the hotel's staff can't keep an eye on everyone.
Therefore, you are the only one who is best taking care of yourself.
Here are some safety tips to avoid getting unpleasant memories during your travels.
The thing you should do all the time is to keep your room's door locked.
Lock it even if you are inside the room and also put the security chain.
Make sure you have locked the door whenever you are leaving the room.
You can do this by trying the door to see if it is perfectly closed and locked.
It may look a bit paranoid, but the lock might be broken and your room would be vulnerable to any nosy intruder who would try the door knob.
If there is someone knocking on the door, look through the view port first to check on that person.
If you don't know that person, don't open the door.
Don't trust people claiming they are part of the hotel staff if you don't expect any visits from the hotel's personnel.
Check with the reception to make sure that person is an employee of the hotel.
If you still don't trust that person, you could keep the security chain on while carrying on the conversation.
The windows are also important.
Make sure they are closed and locked whenever you leave the room.
Always use the hotel's main entrance no matter if it's day or night.
It is safer to use facilities that are crowded with guests and hotel's staff.
Stay away from dark, remote hallways or rooms.
Jewellery represents the item that is most stolen from hotel rooms.
Put all your valuables into the safe which most hotel rooms are equipped with.
If your room doesn't have a safe, you can use the hotel's safe or locked storage facilities.
And don't live your valuable things scattered around your room in anyone's sight.
All these tips may sound a bit paranoid, but keep in mind that being vigilant will save you from a lot of trouble.
So whenever you are travelling, always pay attention to these tips and your vacation will not be ruined from an unfortunate burglary incident.
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