How to Manage My Multiple Mail Accounts

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    Windows Live Hotmail

    • 1). Sign in to your Hotmail account. Click "Options" on the upper-right corner below your Windows Live profile name. Click "More Options."

    • 2). Click "Sending/receiving mail from other accounts" under "Managing your account."

    • 3). Click "Add an email account." Enter the email address you want to add and its password. Click "Next." Windows Live will attempt to verify your account information. If the attempt fails, it will ask you to check your account details and may suggest a solution. If it is successful, verify the mail settings to ensure they are correct, and then click "Next."

    • 4). Click a folder to send unread messages to. Click "Save."


    • 1). Sign in to your Gmail account, and click "Settings." Go to "Accounts and Import."

    • 2). Click the "Add POP3 email account" button in "Check mail using POP3."

    • 3). Enter the complete email address and click "Next." Type the password for that account, and verify the mail settings. You also have the option to leave copies of downloaded messages in the other mail server, use a secure connection, label or archive messages in Gmail.

    • 4). Click "Add Account." Gmail will offer to make the email address you added as an additional "From" address. Enable this feature if you want to be able to send messages using that address from within Gmail.

    Yahoo! Mail

    • 1). Log in to Yahoo! and click "Options." Select "Mail Options."

    • 2). Click "Accounts" from the list of options. Click "Add Account."

    • 3). Enter the required information for the email account. Type a name for the account, your sender name (such as "John Smith"), email address and a reply-to address if it is different.

    • 4). Choose a folder in Yahoo! to store downloaded messages in. Type the password and the POP3 mail server name.

    • 5). Edit the advanced settings if needed. For example, check the box for "Use Filters" if you use filters in your Yahoo! mail and want to apply them to the external mail account as well.

    • 6). Click "Save Changes."

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