Room Decor of Different Time Periods

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When one sets upon fashioning and furnishing a room, the one thought that occurs is the mood setting.
The dilemma and confusion between an Empire chair and a Louis XVI chair would all seem same.
Then the question about the reproductions and antiques arise, mislead - why would some one do that to me? The primary aspect that has to be determined when furnishing or rearranging in case of a flat is to know whether you want ultimate comfort or simply aim at formality.
The room has to be defined by you mentally for the purpose.
It has to be known well in hand if it is for a man's study or family library, living room or a reception room, a boudoir or a bedroom? Minor issues, but they go along way in confirming the interior décor.
It is just like getting to know a game of bridge, you learn it gradually.
And if you find all the picking, choosing, arranging and rearranging tedious and you have no singular interest in it, it is better to hire the services of an interior decorator.
If you are the kind of person who has a leaning towards formality, comfort and also own a house in a city and country.
The task would be simpler as you could opt for summers, holidays and weekends at the country house while the flat or town house in the city could take care of formality.
Each individual is capable of being creative.
The subject of the matter is the deep chairs with wide backs and seats, downy cushions, soft springs etc.
Bookcases and tables elegantly placed, lights soft and at appropriate places.
Beds too can add to the décor according to the taste of the individual in terms twin, single or double beds.
From among the various tasks, the primary job is to choose the right kind of antique belonging to a certain period or periods while getting the blends and combinations correct.
Even if you identify the right subject it is sure to have taken a beating due to age, but the unmistakable craftsmanship, color and the purpose of hardiness is unfathomable.
For example, in case you want to buy a desk - preferably an antique desk, you are required to visit an antique dealer and when you are certain you have found the right piece suiting and enhancing your décor, then you could ask for your friend's opinion who is reasonably experienced.
When decided, it is mandatory to know the period to which the desk belongs to.
It should be the kind that which would give you delight and the dealer too.
Most of the antiques are known to have the unique signature of the maker engraved or marked on it.
Purchasing an antique is similar to the purchase of a prized pedigree.
Referring to books and periodicals would enlighten and educate you further more on the subject.
The seeds as an antique would have been sown.
When embarking upon making private collection it is suggested that you would have to be constantly on the lookout for rare unique pieces.
Although, most of them would reside with museums and private collections, they would definitely deserve a look to determine the kind of make, usage of craft and the hues and colors used.
Some of them guard to their antiques with such care and aggressiveness that it is a matter of envy.
"Certainly, it is sure that we are men with different thoughts and views".
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