Ancient Alcohol Consumption And Alternating Opinions All Through History

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Alcohol and alcohol addiction are not just modern issues. Since the beginning of time people have been using alcohol for medicinal and celebratory purposes. Ancient records tell tales for inebriated rulers and festivals devoted to alcohol rich deities. From the ancient Sumerians to the Romans alcohol has been an age old beverage of contention. This is perhaps why today those suffering from an excessive alcohol consumption problem must seek help at alcohol detox centers and rehab alike.

Ancient Records

Ancient artworks depict copious amounts of alcohol and alcohol jugs next to rulers and deities alike. Neolithic discoveries unearthed jugs that contained fermented beverages made from berries or honey. This is evidence that alcohol consumption is not a contemporary phenomenon. The worship of wine infused deities such as Osiris and Dionysius was also rampant throughout the ancient world.


Alcohol has been used for centuries in secular and religious practices. However, numerous accounts of the ancient periods also stressed the importance of moderation. A sentiment society still stresses today. Ancient Egyptians didn't necessarily believe that being inebriated was a problem; they did however frown upon taverns and excessive drinking. The same with the Greeks and Romans although wine and alcohol flowed freely, and there was no issue with inebriation at festivals, excessive alcohol consumption didn't seem to be a problem. At the end of the day, the only way to beat alcohol addiction is with alcohol addiction detoxification.

Religious Rites

Throughout centuries deities have been offered wine and alcohol. The wine gods and goddesses of the ancient times were widely celebrated. There are still practices today which involve alcohol. These practices included modern day pagan rituals which includes the drinking of bread and ale as well as some Christian services that drink wine, also known as the blood of Christ.


The Egyptians discussed moderation when it came to alcohol consumption. This view widely changed. The Greeks, Romans, and Macedonians alike widely practiced intemperance. Notorious historical figures such as Alexander the Great were known for their over consumption of inebriating beverages. Wine and alcohol were celebrated as gifts from the gods and were therefore imbibed on a frequent basis.

Drinking Games

Young people today didn't invent the idea of drinking games. They have been around for centuries. Beer pong, beer battle ship, drinking card games, and many more are widely practiced on Friday and Saturday evenings on any college campus. These games originated in Rome, once such game the ancient Romans played included the quick consumption of alcohol at the throw of a dice.

Shifting Views

From the Sumerians to the Romans ideals surrounding alcohol continuously varied. Some periods discussed the virtue of temperance and moderation while others memorialized the intemperance of alcohol. Prominent men throughout history were either honored for their temperance such as Julius Caesar or were widely praised for their drunken ruling practices. Even as Christianity shifted thoughts, the prevalence of alcohol in rituals continued.
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