Can a US Call Center Out-Perform Offshore Competitors?

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Companies need to make hard decisions about awarding call center contracts, especially in periods of slower growth.
A US call center gains three distinct advantages in your outsourcing considerations.
US telephone support companies communicate your message effectively, knowing instinctively how to promote your products and services and close a sale.
USA call centers have a competitive edge because they share a natural affinity with both your business and your customer.
USA vendors price their services to aggressively compete with companies in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, The Philippines and even Canada.
US telesupport companies offer more value to your outsourcing project, possessing instinctive knowledge of your company's most important markets that no amount of training can replicate.
Hiring a USA vendor for your teleservice outsourcing project lends assurance to your project plans.
Clear Communication Retains Customers Who do your callers expect to speak with when they call your company? Does your caller hang up, annoyed, realizing they're trapped in a lengthy, inefficient customer service or sales script delivered in a hard-to-understand accent? Non - US telesupport agents sometimes receive extensive training in American culture and language usage, are given American-sounding names, and accent reduction lessons.
Results vary from agent to agent, even within the same foreign call center.
Customer satisfaction survey results illustrate that caller opinions trend downward when they realize they're not speaking directly with the business.
When callers encounter non - US agents, their opinions further deteriorate.
Consumers often cite difficulty in communicating with heavily-accented agents, and they feel locked into a set of scripted questions, lengthening the time spent asking even simple questions.
Cultural Affinity Connects Callers with Your Business When you're choosing between US call centers and foreign outsourcing options, consider approaching decisions from your customers' point of view.
Customer relationships are especially important when companies are competing heavily for every sale during slower periods.
US-based agents know how to build friendly selling relationships that lead to customer retention and sales growth.
US agents naturally connect with their callers through a shared business culture, and a shared language.
Good agent skills involve more than instinct, but also rely on each agent's business background and customer service and sales experience.
US call centers employ professionals who can navigate the details of your account with friendly efficiency, allowing the natural flow of customer service, sales or support conversations.
These skills are partly learned, and partly earned through experience of working in USA customer support companies and other businesses.
Competitive Pricing Realizes Effective US Call Center Outsourcing US call centers are stepping up to compete with offshore rivals.
US call center service providers are creating price structures that provide affordable outsourcing opportunities for any business, designed to get the attention of larger US companies who are increasingly worried about their customer service reputation.
Foreign outsourcing isn't working; companies need a US vendor that can tackle complex, high-volume customer service, sales and support projects more effectively and more affordably.
USA Call Center Outsourcing Assures Success How do your outsourcing decisions affect customer retention rates, and which choices are going to grow sales? Companies realize that their customers are spending differently, and when they're willing to spend, they're researching every potential purchase and resisting the urge to buy on impulse.
This means that everything your call center does needs to keep your caller's attention.
A US vendor approaches the customer service and sales experience by emphasizing the connection between your company and your caller.
USA teleservice providers overall provide better communication between each skilled agent and your caller.
US call center companies guide your callers efficiently and quickly through questions and offer solutions that directly speak to their needs.
When your company chooses to hire a company based and operating within the United States, your choice will result in better overall customer satisfaction, sales growth and increased savings.
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