Depression Treatment - Dream Interpretation and Its Applications

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You can be treated for depression at no cost by interpreting your dreams because the unconscious that produces them is constantly trying to cure your psyche and help you develop your conscience, so that you become more intelligent.
The unconscious is your protector and doctor.
The messages you receive via dreams are incomprehensible to your conscience because: 1.
Your anti-conscience would distort their meanings if it could understand them.
It has to be completely ignored by both the sides of your conscience; however, your conscience can learn the language of the unconscious and translate its symbols, deciphering the meaning of the messages received.
This is a translation from images to words.
The ego is in the center of your conscience and it doesn't accept the truth.
The unconscious cannot simply clearly reveal all your mistakes.
Symbolic language has many layers of meanings at the same time, and this way it conveys more information and gives you more guidance than just by using simple words.
Therefore, in the beginning you should be a student and learn how to properly interpret your dreams using my simplified version of Carl Jung's method, by writing and comparing your dreams.
Later, you won't need to write down your dreams since you'll be able to automatically translate the meaning of the symbols.
This is really the same as learning another language-in the beginning, we don't understand anything but later, all the obscure points become clear and we feel comfortable with it.
Then we can use this knowledge and reap its benefits for life.
Of course, you can use it whenever you wish.
If you don't want to learn it completely, at least you may consult the glossary and translate the most interesting dreams, which will leave you more intrigued about their meanings.
The glossary contains the most significant symbols and their content is essential for your future development.
By regularly interpreting your dreams, you'll overcome your depression and predict the future, change potentially negative outcomes and attain much higher levels of knowledge, allowing you to be courageous and unafraid, unlike right now.
You'll see so many possibilities in front of you that you'll find the best solutions for all your problems, whereas now you can only see a wall.
Your dreams are magic-they open up realms to you like windows, showing you other aspects of reality that you ignore or that you should consider.
You become very sensitive and capable of sensing any changes in the environment or in other people's behavior.
This is how you start being more intelligent-you start seeing and understanding the truth, you start learning what is behind the reality you see, what causes events to happen and many other things that you cannot imagine, just as a kid who is in elementary school cannot imagine everything that an adult can learn.
This is how knowledge and wisdom will save you from depression and open new horizons in your life, giving you a disposition to live and to learn more and more.
When you analyze your dreams according to my simplified version of the unique method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, you'll discover who you really are.
I continued Jung's research and more clearly defined the meaning of dream symbols because I discovered what exists in the unknown region of the psychic sphere, whereas he stopped the research at a certain point and neglected too much truth.
Jung's psychology is obscure and complicated, even though it is worthwhile and if someone follows it exactly he or she will find psychological health.
However, he is very complicated and difficult to follow and as I said, he did not know everything.
Fortunately, I continued the dangerous research that was not carried out by him and I won the fight against schizophrenia in order to teach you everything you must learn in order to keep your mental health forever.
The multidimensional aspect of the dreams indicates that the dreams tell you several things.
Your dreams have many dimensions because of the following reasons: 1.
They talk about your daily life; this is the daily and common dimension you see everyday.
They also talk about your past and what happened before you were born.
Then they talk about the future and all the possibilities you have.
They give you specific information about you and your psychological state.
They also inform you about the entire world and everyone who has an important role in your life.
They help you find solutions for all the problems that bother you.
They help you discover new formulae and create whatever you desire.
They transform you into a wise person with their wisdom.
Therefore, by interpreting your dreams you can solve all the problems of your life! Your dreams can reach all the existent dimensions of your existence.
If you dream about yourself flying in the air, it means that you are detached from reality.
For example, if you wanted to buy a new car, this dream would signal that your plans don't have any basis.
If you see a scene that belongs to your past, you may understand why you made a very serious mistake that is making you suffer thus far and how to correct it now and live free of suffering.
You may dream about what your life will be like in old age where things are totally different.
Often, you live the future in advance in your dreams or you predict what is going to happen and you can change what doesn't seem positive.
You may dream that you live in your parents' house with your spouse and kids.
This signifies that you are not being any different from your parents, i.
, you are repeating their mistakes.
Your house represents your psyche.
Your mother represents your anti-conscience and your father represents your conscience, which is also absurd because it is based on your ego.
The ego is selfish and cruel and it leads to worse craziness.
You have to abandon your parents' house and live free of the influence of these parts of your personality because they dominate you and impede other parts of your psyche.
In other words, you have to develop all the facets of your personality and live free from the domination of these negative parts.
If you dream that someone is wearing a mask, it means that you are going to meet an important person in the future whom you don't know yet or that someone very important for you is not perceived by you as being so important now.
With time, you will learn how to automatically translate the dream symbols and images after learning how to translate the dream messages into words that can be understood by your conscience.
When you achieve this, you'll see many other dimensions that you dreams have, which cannot be imagined by your ignorant mind now that you have not yet seen the content of your psyche.
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