Bear Scout Centerpiece Ideas

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    Putting the Bear Scouts to Work

    • Yarn Bug Centerpiece

      The Bear rank is the third level of Cub Scouts, following Tiger and Wolf. It's the final rank before Webelos, which is the transition rank to Boy Scouts. A Bear Cub Scout is typically in the third grade and 9 or 10 years old. Bear Scouts are among the older boys in a Cub Scout Pack. Most of them have been on many outings and have completed several significant achievements, giving them confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

      Blue and Gold Banquet centerpieces should be made by the Bear Scouts. Many adults are tempted to jump in and create professional-looking centerpieces, but boys and their families will value boy-made centerpieces far more than something made by an adult. Centerpieces that are obviously made by Cub Scouts add to the charm of the event.

      The attention span of 9 and 10 year old boys is short, especially when they're at a den meeting with a group of other boys their age. Also, many boys don't have a lot of experience in crafting and working with their hands. It's therefore best to choose an uncomplicated centerpiece design that will appeal to the boys. Break up the work into a couple of different tasks and spend time during a few den meetings working on the tasks.

    Resources for Bear Scout Centerpiece Designs

    • Patriotic Centerpiece

      Chances are good that your Blue and Gold Banquet or other Cub Scout event will have a theme. If this is the case, base your centerpiece design on the theme. To avoid spending a lot of money on centerpieces, use basic craft materials like Popsicle sticks, yarn, craft foam and pipe cleaners. Let each boy make his own centerpiece to take home as a souvenir of the event.

      The MakingFriends website has several designs for Cub Scout centerpieces. Pack-o-Fun magazine is another good resource for all kinds of craft projects for Cub Scouts. Every den leader should know about Baloo's Bugle, a free monthly collection of tips for Cub Scout leaders. Past issues are posted on the Baloo website, providing many resources for centerpiece designs. In addition, the official Boy Scout website has a page devoted to Den Leader Resources. Links to documents that include craft suggestions are included on the page.

    Personalizing Bear Scout Centerpieces

    • Bear Scout Insignia

      Incorporating photos of each Bear Scout is a great way to personalize your Bear Scout centerpieces. You can also use your printer to print out Bear insignias and symbols on card stock, then have the boys cut them out and glue them on the centerpieces. Adding Bear Scout identifiers to the centerpieces is a great way to build team spirit and make the boys proud of their rank.

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