Doubtsourcing" Web Comic -a Light Look at Outsourcing

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With apologies to Thomas Friedman, Infosys, and Sherri Shepherd, "The world is still round," contends entrepreneur and creator of the web comic Doubtsourcing, Sandeep Sood. "In fact, it's lumpy...full of humps, bumps, nooks, and crannies."

It is with this mindset that Sood created Doubtsourcing, a web comic about the lighter side of the new realities of outsourcing in a round world. Sood says that Doubtsourcing has left the 'beta' stage coming with weekly comics on tough topics in this over half trillion dollar industry. IDC expects the worldwide BPO market to reach $682.5 billion by 2008. While the debate rages over outsourcing and whether it's good for the American economy and its volatile labor market, Sood takes a different approach to the issue.

Without taking sides, Sood explores outsourcing without the vitriol so often seen from diverging sources of our media. Instead, Doubtsourcing looks at the lighter side of the new face of outsourcing, and explores the issues of differences between Outsourcing 1.0 and Outsourcing 2.0 .

A true Silicon Valley Renaissance man, Sood is founder of BCM Digital, a boutique software consultancy based in San Francisco, and Chandigarh, India. With humble beginnings in 2001, BCM Digital now maintains long term relationships with corporations like Wells Fargo, Cisco, HP, and Microsoft. In addition to his entrepreneurial achievements, Sood is also the co-founder and lead writer of Badmash, a web comic that has been featured in USA Today and Newsweek. A contributor to multiple blogs, Sood is also founder and editor of Outsourcing 2.0, a blog dedicated to understanding what outsourcing means in today's round world.

"When we accept that the world is still round," says Sood, "we can have a better conversation about these challenges, deal with the management issues, and work harder."Founded in 2007, Doubtsourcing is a webcomic that explores the serious, and equally hilarious issue of the culture surrounding "Outsourcing 2.0."

Created by Sandeep Sood, entrepreneur, blogger and webcomic author, Doubtsourcing offers a look at the lighter side of an issue that's usually polarizing and earnest. Although it's the most popular way to discuss global collaboration, Sandeep is tired of the 'flat world' metaphor. Sood contends that the world is rounder than ever; his humorous stories and practical advice help people take advantage of its curves and avoid the bumps and sharp edges.
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