Moen Shower Slider Bar Installation

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    • 1). Use tape measure and a crayon to mark on the wall 54 inches from the bottom of the bathtub, which is where the lower end of the slide bar needs to sit. Place the slide bar where you wish to mount it to the surround, making sure the bottom sits at the 54-inch height line.

    • 2). Mark the location of slide bar screw holes on the surround using the crayon. Remove the slide bar and use a drill with a 1/4-inch bit to make holes where you marked the location of the screw holes.

    • 3). Insert the wall anchors that come with the slide bar into the holes you made with the drill. Hold the slide bar against the wall so the screw holes in the bar line up with the anchors in the wall.

    • 4). Drive the screws that come with the slide bar through the holes in the bar and into the anchors in the wall so the bar sits firmly in place. Press the finishing caps over the screws.

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