You Are Becoming a Writer - Now What Should You Write About?

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So now you can call yourself a writer.
What are you going to write about today? When ou are 'in the flow' and the words seem to simply pour out of you, being a writer is just so much fun.
What about the times when your head tells you to write, but the rest of you will not 'play'? We have all heard about writer'sblock, so what can we do to move things along? There are probably quite a number of reasons why you might find difficulty in getting your writing started.
That is why we need a number of different ideas to begin to unblock the situation and try to start the creative juices flowing.
Perhaps you are finding it impossible to decide on a subject to write about.
Well one way could be to go down a checklist.
Not a list of subjects, but a number of categories from which you can usually settle on a topic.
A wise piece of advice is to write about what you know; what are the subjects you always feel confident talking about? What do people ask your advice about? What is the latest you have learned about your favourite hobby? Is today a good time to write about something which makes you feel very strongly.
What has been in the news lately, or what has had an impact on you? Perhaps not you yourself, but somebody you know, or someone you have heard of or read about somewhere? If nothing you know about or feel strongly about starts the wheels turning, why not report on something you have recently noticed? What has happened in the world, your country, your community or your family, which could be of interest or amusing to others? Are there some lessons you have learned which could be useful to people? When you keep your mind open, you can almost always see, hear or experience something which can prove to be of interest to other people.
It is a really good idea to keep notes somewhere; these can be of immense value at those times when the muse seems to desert you.
Sometimes, the so-called writers block can seem impossible to get around.
A little thought and persistence can usually break your deadlock.
I have discovered that the more times I stick at it until I get over it, the easier it is the next time it rears its ugly head! Just like with many other aspects of life, practice makes the difference.
The more you write, the more you can write.
The ideas and possibilities really do seem to be infinite.
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