Easier Ways to Learn Dance Choreography

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    Observe the Choreography

    • Learn dance choreography easily by watching a dance rehearsal or performance. DVDs provide an easy access to choreography. View classics such as "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," "Sleeping Beauty" or "Giselle." Then, practice the well-known steps, such as the Black Swan's 32 fouette turns. Attend dance concerts frequently. See the same choreography with different dancers at different performances. Note the qualities that each dancer brings to the choreography. As you learn the dance through observation, think about the qualities you will bring to the dance.

    Mark the Choreography

    • Before dancing "full-out," you can "mark" the dance. Some dancers use their hands to mark the choreographer's movements. Other times, dancers "half-dance" the steps, with the focus on learning, not executing, the steps. Some dancers then mark the dance from the beginning to the point of not knowing the next steps. They learn the next steps, mark them, and move on.

    Dance One Section at a Time

    • Break the dance into sections. As you learn the dance, you develop an understanding of the structure, with transitions from one section to the next. Start with the first section. Walk or dance through as much of the choreography as possible. Then stop and review any questions or clarifications. Rehearse any parts that are still rough. Then, start with the first section again, and dance through until reaching the next section. Repeating this process helps the dancer quickly gain knowledge of the choreography.

    Repeat and Rehearse

    • Use repetition and practice to easily learn the choreography. Dancers "run through" the steps as much as possible. The run-through can be done by actually doing the dance, "marking" the dance, naming the sequence of steps or mentally running through the dance. Repetition ensures that the dancer knows the choreography to the point of dancing beyond the step sequences. At this point, artistry develops through rehearsal. Running through the dance multiple times ensures a smooth performance and confident dancers.

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