Fun Refrigerator Magnets

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    Containers and Boxes

    • Decorate your refrigerator with fun and colorful container boxes or tins that you can easily turn into magnets. You'll need to carefully open the containers if they're cardboard like most candy or raisin containers so you can reseal the lids neatly. Metal containers like Altoids or plastic cheese containers may need stronger magnets than the cardboard boxes, so plan accordingly. After the containers are empty, apply a self adhesive magnet to the inside and then re-seal the lids with a drop of craft glue or a glue gun. You can even fill the containers with dried beans so they'll rattle for the kids as well as hold their shape better. The more weight you use, the stronger magnet you'll need.

    Mosaic Tiles

    • Colorful mosaic tiles will make fun and attractive refrigerator magnets. Mosaic tiles are quite small, usually 1-inch square, and may be made from glass, ceramic or mirror. Applying the magnets to the backs may become tedious, but you'll love the end result. Mix the tiles to create designs that you can trace onto the fridge, or leave them in jumbled chaos. You can move them around to make fresh designs every day if you like, or create a masterpiece once and leave it.

    Words and Phrases

    • Refrigerator magnets made with words and phrases may be common, but you can have fun personalizing your own to fit your family. Print words that pertain to you and yours in different fonts on cardstock from your computer. You could also get really creative and practice your calligraphy to create the magnets or shop the scrapbooking aisle for three-dimensional word stickers. Cut the words or phrases from the paper, stick on a magnet and let your family leave clever and thoughtful messages for each other.

    Silk Flowers

    • You can create a fun and colorful bouquet for your refrigerator door with silk flowers. You'll need wire cutters to easily remove the blossoms from the stems. Hot glue may be the best choice to use on the magnets; you can create a large dollop on the back of the flower and press the magnets into it. Combine the flower magnets with words and phrases for a more decorative fridge.

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