Starting a Band - Tips

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I already have a band, do you?One of the main reasons for learning an instrument is to eventually start a band, mostly.
Most people start bands but fail to get anything decent from the experience.
This is the main reason I started to play guitar, because I want to be apart of a creative group, writing music and trying to promote your music.
It's the greatest feeling in the world, when someone tells you that they like your music.
First off, it's best if you start a band with a group of friends.
Because you will all feel relaxed around each other and feel more confident in your ability to be able to play your instrument.
If you havnt got a group of friends who are willing to start a band, start looking the classified sections of your local music magazines.
These are usually free at most music stores.
There are also many websites available to you to find musicians in your area.
Now decide what type of music your band is going to play, this will determine what direction your band is heading for.
Now by all means start off by covering some songs.
But you want to start writing songs as soon as possible, this is the hardest part.
As a group you all must decide what members are going to partake in the songwriting process.
Usually the lead singer takes on all the responsibility, but don't forget any member of the band can write the lyrics.
Now to practice, I recommend practicing at least twice a week, maybe even more.
Practice makes perfect, if you want to be good at something, you have to put the hard work in.
The timeframe of these practice sessions is up to you, I'd say at least 2 hours.
Don't forget to record everything in practice, so you can listen over before every practice session and see which areas need work.
Ready to perform your music? Put on a show for your friends and family, maybe in a large room of your home, or in the garden.
You will probably always get good feedback from your friends and family, this shold raise your confidence.
But you will only know if your music is decent when you play a gig.
Many bars / clubs have open mic night, this is perfect for you.
Keep phoning them asking for a slot, eventually you will get one.
Finding other bands to support can also help you get a gig and will also build a better network for your band.
Whats the point of playing a gig if no people turn up? Promote, most bands just hand out flyers.
And it's a good idea to leave a bunch of flyers in your local music store, and they can give them out when someone purchases something.
Ask shopkeepers to post flyers in there windows.
One of the best ways to promote in this day and age, is myspace.
Make a myspace profile for your band, add a lot of people in your area.
Send out bulletins, comments, messages about your gig.
This will also build a fan base, as you can upload your songs to myspace for everyone one to listen to.
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