A Christian Teen"s Guide to Fasting

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OK you indulged in a few too many servings of pie, ditto with the alcohol and way too much turkey and fixins! Now you’ve got some cleanup to do, and I'm not just talking about the kitchen! Your body could use a little help!

An overstressed digestion and liver weaken the immune system causing fatigue and a greater risk of a cold or flu. Here’s how to flush your body of all those toxins with one easy and healthy drink.

Cleanse your liver, boosts your digestion and rev-up your calorie and fat-burning metabolism with the best antidote for the worst holiday excesses! PLUS it tastes delicious with no added sweeteners! It even boosts your immune system for extra protection during the cold and flu season.

Beet, carrot, apple and green leafy veggies all activate enzymes that powerfully cleanse the liver. Camomille and aloe are proven digestive aids. Red pepper and matcha (powdered green tea available at any health food store) can’t be beat for boosting your metabolism and immune system, and if you like spicy, add a slice of fresh jalapeno for even more calorie-burning and cold/flu prevention.

There’s science behind all this, and just one tall glass is all you need for full recovery! But unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications we often reach for, this detox juice has no unpleasant side effects. So drink up!

About the Author

Bob is the author of Juice & Smoothie Recipes That Heal! with over 275 recipes that fight illnesses based on the latest nutritional discoveries, and How to Make the Best Juice and Smoothies – 23 Essential Tips. Bob just published the ‘Juice Away Illness’ series of booklets on the healing power of fresh juice to fight depression, insomnia, inflammation, diabetes, prostate problems, thyroid issues, fatigue and more. He and his wife live in Northeast Harbor, ME where they juice every day with special recipes to help keep her breast cancer in remission. Contact Bob anytime with your thoughts and comments at juiceawayillness@gmail.com.

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