Making a list and checking it twice

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I carry a medicine bag, and the list for it includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, and bag. I also list several kinds of first aid medicine and Band-Aids, as well as any prescription drugs I am taking, and extra sunscreen.
A final group of items is headed “morning before” and repeats items I need to load at the last minute. Things like pillows, radio, toothbrush and paste, cash, ice chest, medicine bag, suitcase and others that I load just before leaving are on it.

For many years I had a dog that went fishing with me so there is a list for all the things I needed for the dog. There is room on the front of the page for other items that I might think of, such as specific lures I want to try. That way I don’t forget to try them.

For trips that last several days I will list each day’s food on the back. I will do a short menu for each day and make sure I have something to eat morning, noon and night. Some meals might be “sweet rolls” while my dinner menu might be pork chops, baked potato, steamed onion and salad. I make sure each item on the back is listed on the front.

Do I overdo it? Probably. Many of the items now stay in my van or motor home, hich creates another problem. For years all I camped in was a van and I could keep everything in it. Now I have a motor home, too, so I have to make sure I transfer what I need for each trip.

Consider making a list so you won’t get to the lake and discover you forgot something important. Use mine as a base but add things you like and need, and make copies to check off.

Spend time enjoying where you are camping, not worrying about what you might need and not have.

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