Breast Augmentation - Check Out the Various Options Available

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Breast augmentations are getting more and more popular these days.
In spite of this, many women who are afraid of an operation may want to try out other ways and means of increasing their bust size.
While not all women may react the same way as each other with regards to methods of increasing their breast size, there are many natural ways and means of doing so.
Exercises The aim of many exercises that claim to increase bust size is actually to increase the pectoral muscles.
Pectoral muscles lie beneath the mammary glands and any increase or change in these may affect the appearance of a woman's chest.
There are many different exercises that are aimed at increasing or enlarging chest size that may be worth a try before one chooses to have breast augmentations done.
Weights are handy in making the muscles appear larger.
One exercise with weights in particular is to use hand weights about five pounds each and, while lying on an even surface, preferably the floor, lift them up front and slowly lower them sideways without touching the floor.
The repetitions should be made according to as much as one can comfortable bear.
Another chest exercise is place the palms together, while seated on a chair with both feet planted firmly on the floor.
Apply some pressure from both hands and try to feel the squeeze of the chest.
Herbs Another option one should try out before going for breast augmentations is to take herbal supplements.
Fenugreek is an herb that was supposed to have been used to increase the bosoms of harem women in the Middle East.
Purportedly, the seeds are fed to the women and they are said to have eventually increased their bust sizes after several months and years.
It was supposed to be a staple ingredient in harem food.
The seeds of the herb contain phyto-estrogens that help in enlarging the bust.
Similar to fenugreek is fennel.
It has also been used to maintain a woman's reproductive health and can be mixed to be directly massaged unto the breasts.
It has compounds rich in estrogen which can actually help with the breast size problem of many women.
There are many other conditions that can be positively affected by fennel, namely heartburn, angina and high blood pressure among others.
The key to the success of these options is perseverance and patience.
If one does not have the patience and the dedication in using these natural ways, then the plastic surgery for augmentation may be best for you.
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