Information You Should Know About Manifesting Meditations

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Manifesting meditations is a part of the theory of the Law of attraction. The Phrase "Law of attraction" was first used in the Colorado Gold rush as the NY Times described the wagon trains headed west in 1879. Since that time, the theory has seen several rises and falls.

The Law of Attraction school of thought attempts to use scientific theories that scientist use to describe physical properties of matter and apply them to the activities of the brain. In particular, those who subscribe to this theory, apply these theories to the brain waves in an attempt to help themselves and others be successful in life.

According to followers of this theory, everyone is able to order their own world with their thoughts. According to the school of thought, our negative thoughts cause bad things to happen to us and if we could change those thoughts, we could be happier and have good things happen to us. In order to change negative thoughts, we would need to use manifesting meditations. These meditations are provided on a CD and have subliminal messages hidden by the sounds of nature.

The theories of quantum physics teach us that the universe is made of energy. Einstein's theory has helped us to understand this. If the frequency or amplitude of energy is changed there is a different result. In quantum mechanics, we can study the relationship of matter and energy. Energy fields that are like are attracted to one another. These ideas themselves are backed with evidence from science.

Those who subscribe to Attraction theory then make the jump saying that if these laws apply to nature that they must also apply to the human way of thinking. Thus, if you put out negative thoughts, you will attract negative consequences and if you put out positive thoughts you will get positive results.

The group also takes laws of chemistry that says matter is not created of destroyed and attempts to apply the theory to life.

Pay very close attention when those teaching the laws of attraction theory claim that it has been scientifically proven. The scientific method tells us that nothing is known for sure, but evidence may support or not support a theory. While the theories of science may have evidence that supports them, very little has ever been done to scientifically prove the Law of Attraction. You will find little evidence that the so called law exists.

A positive attitude can make a difference in the living of life, but is no guarantee that a person is going to be monetarily wealthy. In fact, many people that are wealthy may not have a positive attitude and some may be very cynical. In addition, some very poor persons are truly happy, even in their poverty. In poverty they have learned to make do with what they have and do not face many of the worries of wealthier persons.

Manifest meditations use recordings to try and change negative brain waves to the positive ones. The subliminal messages of these recordings is said to make you more positive and to help you to find wealth.

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