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Basically, interview is something that must take place in every sphere of human endeavors. It could be interview for a job, admission into higher institution or public office. Interview is generally an interaction between the interviewer and the candidate to ascertain the level of his/her educational background, skills and experience.

To be successful in an interview, there are basic qualities the candidate must poses to be accepted and given either the job, admission or the portfolio.
The following tips will be helpful in any interview:
€ Arrive at the venue of the interview 10 minutes early. You can take that time to let your eyes wander, to see what is going on around you.

€ Dressing.
You should be dressed your absolute best, no matter what the job is. You must endeavor to be at your very best to make that almighty first impression memorable.

€ Your Hair
If you are a man, your hair should be well groomed and facial hair trimmed, this will show your potential employer that you have care for your appearance. If you are a woman, those cute little hair styles will not impress your interviewer. Your make up should be appropriate, if you choose to put on any, but it is better not to make up than for it to be too much

€ Display of Etiquette
Do not sit down until your interviewer ask you to. If you sit down before you are asked to, you will be telling them that you are going to do as you wish on the job and this may make them unhappy. When you are invited to sit down, do it gently, remember you are not at home. Keep your hands to yourself, the employer may not take it kindly if you kept moving his things around.

€ Mind Your Language
The employer would like clear answer. If yes or no is appropriate, say so. You must practice the proper use of English language because it is going to be important on the job. The words that are fine with your friends may not impress your interviewer. He will not want to hear any slang from you. If you are asked question that requires details answer, it should be so answered otherwise it will be considered as slang.

€ Self-confidence
The employer will like to see some display of self-confidence for whatever job in which you are applying. Even if you have not done it before, he needs to know that you are willing to learn. Speak up when you are answering a question, so that he can hear you clean and clear, it is rude for him to have to ask you to repeat yourself.

€ When You Leave
When the interviewer says, €Thank you for coming€ it is a clue that the interview is over. You should at this point stand up, reach for his hand in a farewell handshake with a smile and say, €Thanks you for considering my application, I hope to hear from you soon€

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