Dodge Van Brake Rotor Removal

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    • 1). Use a jack to lift the front end of the Caravan into the air then lower it down onto the jack stands. Remove the front tires and place them out of the way.

    • 2). Unbolt the brake caliper adapter from the steering knuckle using a ratchet. Lift the assembly off of the rotor then hold it in one hand while looping the bungee cord around the spring on the front suspension with the other. Suspend the caliper from the bungee cord but make sure there is no tension on the brake line.

    • 3). Remove the rotor retaining clips from the wheel lugs on the front of the rotor using the pliers. These aren't on every van and could have been removed previously. It's OK if they get damaged in the process of removing them as it's not crucial to reinstall them.

    • 4). Lift the rotor straight off of the wheel studs using both hands.

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