What Is in Vitamin B12 IV Injections?

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    Vitamin B12 Helps

    • Without vitamin B12, the body will experience symptoms like anemia, tiredness, trouble sleeping, irrational behavior and impaired mental processes. One condition that leads to a vitamin B12 deficiency is pernicious anemia, which is when the body cannot absorb enough B12 on its own. People with this condition need B12 injections, and sometimes B12 injections are given through an IV to people suffering from cyanide poisoning.

    What's In B12?

    • Vitamin B12, with the generic name cyanocobalamin or cobolamin, is a bright red-colored carbon-metal bond with Cobalt as the central element. It also contains nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus.

    How B12 is Administered

    • Vitamin B12 can be given as a tablet, sublingual tablet or injection. Most injections are called methyl B12 injections. Injections are preferred over pills because they act fast going straight to the bloodstream.

    IV Dosages

    • The amount of B12 in the injections are usually 1000mcg. Those with a B12 deficiency usually require regular injections, weekly or monthly. Sometimes IV forms provide 100 mcg of B12 per day. This depends on the condition of the patient.

    Follow Instructions

    • Some injections have active preservatives in them, such as benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride, which can cause itchy skin, breathing difficulties and heart palpitations. It is important to receive injections as prescribed by a doctor.

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