Installing a Sony CD Changer

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    • 1). Mount the Sony CD changer in a well ventilated place inside the vehicle. Plug the audio cables into their corresponding connections on the side of the Sony CD changer.

    • 2). Cut the power wire and the speaker wire the length needed to reach from the CD changer to the rear of the stereo and the battery using the wire cutters. Strip the both ends of each wire 1/4 of an inch from the tips using the wire strippers.

    • 3). Guide the wires along the side of the vehicle that the CD changer is mounted to, most likely behind the stereo and the face of the fire wall. Conceal the wires under the plastic panels at the bottom of the door frames.

    • 4). Plug the audio cables into the rear of the stereo in the color coded corresponding connections. Guide the power wire through the hole in the fire wall and up to the battery. Connect the power wire to the positive battery connection.

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