Factors Causing Infertility And Ways To Prevent It

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The inability to reproduce and have children that is, infertility is a problem faced by a lot of married couples these days. Infertility is often realized only at a much later stage in life, when the couple finally decide to have kids that is. This comes across as a serious issue for couples who have desperately been waiting to have kids. Things might get more serious when you find out that couples around you start having kids of their own. It is often a misconception that if a couple keeps trying to have a baby and fails in the process repeatedly, the man is to be blamed for it. Both men and women can have the issue of infertility. The main cause for infertility can vary from person to person, although there are some common causes.

Causes of infertility
Obesity is one major cause of infertility. Obese people are generally inactive. Being overweight can have a direct impact on one"s body and hence it can affect the active cells in your body that is responsible for reproduction. Being overweight directly affects both men and women. For men especially, the sperm loses its quality and hence this low in quality sperm creates a hostile environment in the uterus. Apart from infertility, losing weight can have other benefits as well. One would be more agile and flexible and would end up feeling healthy on the whole. By being so, confidence increases which can have a direct impact during the act. In order to improve your fertility, also make sure you consume food that is rich in nutrients. Doctors in fertility clinics and hospitals generally recommend a balanced diet.

Age is another criteria that is responsible for infertility. As you age, your body becomes weak and as a result the sperm loses its quality. Even for women, it becomes difficult to conceive because the eggs produced in the ovaries start to lose their quality. As two people are responsible to make a baby, both their reproductive systems should remain healthy and make a hospitable environment for the sperm and eggs in the ovary. Hence it is generally advised that both men and women start trying to have a baby before hitting their early 40s.

Irregularities in eating and having other eating disorders also have an impact on the reproductive system which might lead to infertility. Apart from being obese, being underweight can severely impact one's life and thereby making it difficult to reproduce. Hence one should maintain the perfect weight and have small quantities of food in regular intervals. Exposure to different kinds of chemicals can also have a direct impact on your body, thereby being the cause of infertility.

If you are a couple who have been wanting to have a child, then the above mentioned causes of infertility should be considered and necessary precautions should be taken to enjoy a more fertile life. Discussing with gynecologist Wichita would help you come up with the best possible results as ob gyn Wichita are really good at their work.
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