Your Wardrobe And The Seasons Of Color

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The Seasons of Color were developed in 1926 by colorist, Johannes Litten, who believed instinctively humans prefer color as it reflected their true inner selves. Decades later, his ideals were introduced into the fashion industry.

The psychological affects of color on humans has been the topic of many conversations and subject of much study for centuries. However, it has only been during the last couple of decades research has been done on the actual physical effect color has on all of us. It has been scientifically proven when color is added to fabric, an additional dimension is created, causing an intensity change in the skin.

Hair color, eye color, skin color and undertone are all genetically controlled. Because each of these specific areas are determined by separate distinct genes, they do not have influence on the others.

Skin has no color when we are first born. It develops gradually through the years as we age and become more exposed to the elements around us. It can change from uneven pigmentation which generally happens during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Freckles, moles, age spots and broken capillary vessels are changes which can make the skin appear rough and ruddy.

Correct coloring will downplay these flaws and not draw attention to them. Listed below are the colors which will help you determine those that are perfectly right for you.


Red heads, auburn or brunettes with heavy red highlights and yellow undertone to their skin.

Oyster white, beige, coffee brown, dark chocolate brown, mahogany, camel, gold, yellow gold, mustard, pumpkin, terra cotta, rust, warm peach, periwinkle blue, salmon, orange, warm red, tomato red, olive, khaki green, jade, forest green, teal and also gold jewelry


Usually brunettes with clear intensity and blue undertone to their skin.

Pure white, black, taupe, gray, charcoal gray, navy blue, aqua, violet, lemon yellow, turquoise, emerald green, grass green, fuchsia, hot pink, purple, apple red, burgundy and also silver jewelry.


Blondes with blue undertones to their skin.

Soft white, cocoa, black, powder blue, sky blue, gray blue, lilac, aqua, blue/green, lemon yellow, peach, powder pink, deep rose, orchid, mauve, fuchsia, plum and also silver jewelry.


Blondes with yellow undertones to their skin.

Ivory, camel, golden tan, navy, gold, daisy yellow, lime green, apricot, salmon, coral, bright red, gray blue, aqua, turquoise, violet and also gold jewelry.
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