Traits of a Libra Baby

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The babies who are born under the sign of Libra can be very beautiful.
Their personality is very different as they don't like to be rushed when doing something.
These children are pretty smart when it comes on to being knowledge and they even seem to be older than they are.
The children under this sign are very obedient and follow orders that they see as fair.
They like being treated fair as this is how they treat people overall.
Adults have to be especially careful when dealing with these kids as they are skilled on getting certain things out of grown people.
After a while the child will learn how to properly argue with someone and also let his wants and needs be known.
When you have one of these kids you should protect against well put together plans to get keeps from you, also this will make your child a very spoiled one.
The kids of Libra need a sense of love and affection in their lives to make them feel complete.
Even though these type of kids love company they can also find adventure on their own and are deeply private.
People's privacy is very respected by these kids as they won't want to feel on the same level as you and they can keep quite a few secrets.
They are a bundle of joy which love to learn from books and so on.
In the case of the Libran child they will not need too much discipline but they should not be spoiled.
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