Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop?

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    Medical Conditions

    • Although rare, some medical conditions may cause stool eating in dogs. Contributing medical conditions include starvation, severe parasite infections and disorders of the pancreas.


    • It's common for puppies to eat stool as they explore their world. This behavior usually disappears after a puppy reaches 6 months, but it may become a habit that continues into adulthood.


    • Stool eating in dogs may also be a natural survival instinct passed down through the generations. In the wild, canines may eat feces when food is scarce.


    • Stress and anxiety may be another reason why dogs eat their own poop. Dogs that have been punished for defecating inappropriately may become nervous and try to remove their stools.

    Maternal Behavior

    • Mother dogs eat the stool of their puppies. This is a normal and instinctive behavior that may be an attempt to keep the nest clean and hide the litter's presence from predators.

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