How to Replace a Broken LCD

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    • 1). Research and buy your replacement LCD screen. Find your screen's part number by looking up the laptop's model number on the manufacturer's website and then looking for the part numbers, which are commonly found either in a manual or on a specifications page. For Dell laptops, the service tag number on the underside of your laptop is especially useful for researching part numbers. Buy the replacement screen from the manufacturer's website or from eBay. The benefit to using eBay is that even if your laptop is an old model with difficult to replace parts, chances are someone is still selling it there.

    • 2). Every laptop model is different, so finding a manual on your specific laptop is important. Manuals are typically available on the laptop manufacturer's website. When you're on the site, type in either a model number or service tag number. If you find one, follow its instructions for removing and replacing an LCD screen. If you do not find a manual with this information, follow the general steps.

    • 3). Unplug the laptop's power adapter and take out the laptop battery. Set the laptop up on a flat, clean surface away from carpeting or pets. Find something like paper cups or an empty egg carton to put screws into. Start by removing the bezel piece in front of the screen. If you see rubber bumps, take your screw driver and carefully pick these off to expose screws. Remove screws and carefully snap the bezel off. Remove any screws holding the lid and screen together, and pull the lid away from the screen.

    • 4). On the back of the LCD screen is a piece of tape and a flat cable. Remove the tape from the cable and then gently unplug the cable from the screen. Do not unplug the cable from the laptop. Unplug the two-wire, back light cable from the LCD. Now there should not be any cables plugged into the LCD screen.

    • 5). Remove screws holding the LCD screen up to the hinges and metal frame. Remove the LCD and set it aside. Take your new LCD screen and screw it into the frame, but do not replace all parts yet. Plug the cables into the new screen, plug the laptop in and turn it on. Check that the new screen is working. If it is, then remove all power sources from the laptop again and replace all parts in the reverse order from which you removed them.

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