Internet Marketing Strip Teasers?

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Now come in close and let me tell you something that will probably knock your boots off! I know it did mine when I heard about it recently.
I thought I would introduce you to it now, because it looks like this is the latest information on what's going on out there in the world of online marketing.
You may as well get used to it from the start if you want to satisfy a rabid market.
You should become aware of this, the largest part of the market you'll be promoting to.
I know you will be as shocked as I was...
so; don't go grab a hot drink right now as you will probably spill it all over yourself in shock! The world of internet (online) information marketing has evolved into a great stage where the brashest performers strut their stuff and have their audiences throw money at them.
It's designed that way.
It has become a fashionable and accepted method of online entertainment for marketers to "strip down" into their sales copy and taunt buyers by twirling around their "evocative" headlines of amazing advents and a life that's possible for them to have without ever lifting a finger, have them buy the goods for the $7-$47 and promptly offer to sell them something more the following week for a similar or higher priced amount.
And the amazing thing is...
they DO buy and they continue to buy boatloads of it! Just like the bargain hunters at the week-end markets! Serial buyers...
Now the marketers say their products are of value, some are, but a lot I've seen this past few months have been rehashed content, nothing much originally written with a fresh, clean approach.
I mean, a lot of the information circulating in that price range is like the stuff you see in garage sales, the Salvation Army shops, and farmers markets; old, tired, used and worn out a bit! I'm still reeling in shock, as I'm probably like you, a bit idealistic and old-fashioned.
I thought there would be real courses out there for beginners to follow all the way through, without all the stop start 5 minute magic push button gizmos and that was all I thought as I hunted for one, couldn't find one, so had to write a course myself! Then I discover...
There is this brand new form of online entertainment called Infotainment.
Honestly, it is not suited to the longer term continuous study "let me know what I'm doing, where I'm going and how long it could take me" business strategy mindset! It wants what it wants when it wants it and buys the dream, with only about 90% downloading it, a further 75% opening the thing and then almost 97% of those who do open it; going no further! Of those who do go further, most drop out after the "50 hours Bill Gates Cycle", a common occurrence that Bill Gates noticed in people beginning new ventures.
What a market, hey?
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