How to Kill All the Dragons in Runescape

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    • 1). Upgrade your account to a subscription membership. Only members are able to fight all of the dragons in RuneScape.

    • 2). Obtain the anti-dragon shield. You get the anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio in the Dragon Slayer quest. He is on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

    • 3). Kill green dragons. Green dragons are the weakest dragons in RuneScape. To kill a green dragon, you will need the anti-dragon shield and food in your inventory to heal your health when you take a hit. Monkfish is a cheap food choice with a great healing rate. You can catch your own monkfish using a small net at the Piscatoris Fishing Colony or you can buy or trade for some. It takes 75 hitpoints to kill the green dragon and you can use any weapon.

    • 4). Kill blue dragons. Blue dragons are the second weakest in RuneScape. You will need the anti-dragon shield but can use any weapon to kill a blue dragon. It takes 109 hitpoints to kill a blue dragon. The quickest way to kill the blue dragon is with the "Ranged" skill. You will need a "Ranged" level of 70, a dragon hide, a bow, a cape, boots, an amulet, a ring and arrows. Also have some food in your inventory, like monkfish, to heal your health if you take a hit.

    • 5). Kill red dragons. Red dragons are powerful and you will need the anti-dragon shield, but they do have a weakness you can exploit. They have little defense against ranged and stabbed attacks. You will need the same "Ranged" level and inventory as with blue dragons to kill the red dragons. It takes 140 hitpoints to kill a red dragon.

    • 6). Kill black dragons. Black dragons are the strongest dragons in RuneScape, with a hitpoint level of 199. You will need the anti-dragon shield and you may also want an anti-fire potion for the black dragon. To mix the potion you will need a level 69 in Herblore and will make the potion by taking a vial of water and mixing in lantadyme and ground blue dragon scale. You will get six minutes of immunity when you use the potion with the shield. You can use any weapon to kill a black dragon but the "Ranged" skill is the quickest way to kill. You will need to have the same level and inventory as for killing the blue dragon with the "Ranged" skill.

    • 7). Kill baby dragons. None of the baby dragons breathe fire, so you will not need the anti-dragon shield to attack them. The red and blue baby dragons have a hitpoints level of 50 and the black baby dragon has a hitpoints level of 80. You can use any weapon or attack style to kill baby dragons, such as stabbing with a sword.

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