Effective Hair Implants for Women

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For women hair implants is a bit taboo. It is not only men get into hair loss problem but women as will. Most people are particular about hair problems, knowing your options for hair implants for women makes a lot of sense.

This treatment procedure will not matter by gender but its basic consensus is that the scalp area that has hair is removed through plastic surgeon. The hair follicles of the removed portion of the scalp are going to be divided which are to be prepped and will be used for implantation by the plastic surgeon.

Hair implant process for women requires that the hairs are to be inserted into the area of the scalp that does not have hair. The very well trained surgeon is capable of placing hairs in groups to make it perfectly natural and look good. It will actually look natural since it will come from the patient's scalp.

For women that undergo hair implants, the real reason for it is because women experience thinning over the entire head area versus one particular bald spot. Women who have a bald spot would possibly need for implants. Most hair implants also called as grafting are performed on an outpatient basis while the procedure is performed in the surgeon's practice and the patient is allowed to go home. Sometimes a procedure called sedation is administered to the patient so that she will feel more relaxed and comfortable especially if she fear for the medical procedures. A local anesthetic will be applied directly into your scalp

Hair implants (implants capillaires) procedure for women can use micro-grafts that maybe more than one hair follicle per graft. And can also use slit-grafts that contain four and ten hair follicles or punch-grafts that hold as many fifteen hair follicles. The specific implantation needed depends on the size of hair loss. The treatment sessions can take from three to four in order to achieve the needed scalp coverage or fullness you desire. Most doctors will usually recommend you to wait between two to four months in between implant sessions for good healing.
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