Natural Yeast Infection Medicine

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There are many ways to help provide relief from the symptoms of a yeast infection.
You can either go to your local GP and have them prescribe you pills and cremes to help with your symptoms, or you can take the natural route and have all natural products help relieve your symptoms.
Some natural medicines out there are things like: Garlic Natural Unsweetened yogurt Tea tree oil Apple Cider vinegar Garlic is a potent ingredient, it helps boost your immunity when taken in supplement form.
Cloves can be used on the area to help relieve the burning and itching.
Garlic can also be used internally.
Natural Unsweetened yogurt can really provide some much needed cooling relief to the area.
Since yogurt has good bacteria in it, it introduces good bacteria into the area.
However, do not leave the yogurt on the area longer than needed.
The yogurt has to be natural and unsweetened, as the sugar in normal yogurt will only encourage the yeast to grow.
Apple - cider vinegar is another naturally strong medicine, do not apply it directly to the area, you can take about a cup and add it to your bath water.
This will help bring some relief to your symptoms temporarily.
Tea Tree Oil is another strong natural medicine, if you can find tea tree oil creme this can be applied to the area and again help bring relief to your symptoms.
To cure your yeast infection once and for all you need to cure the cause of your infections.
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