How Our Sixth Sense Allows Us to Be More Successful in Life

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We all know in our close entourage some people who seem to drive on instinct and achieve outstanding results.
The instinct is a concept on the frontier between the mental and the somatic, as the physical representation of the stimuli reaching the mind at a critical moment.
Instinct, in more simple words, is the driving force behind our behavior.
The two driving forces of human behavior are to adapt and attract.
Adaptation determines if you succeed or fail.
In anthropology, the people who didn't adapt across the thousands of years of human development are known to have died, and only the genes of "adapted" survivors passed along.
To attract is similarly the driving force behind being able to find a mate and procreate.
Marketing exploits this well.
In our brain emotions have the right of way because they reside in the part of the brain that controls our instincts.
And because it has the right of way, before our thinking can kick in, it controls much of our behavior.
It explicitly says buy my brand, it makes you more attractive, more successful, more desirable.
Napoleon Hills refers the instinct as the Sixth Sense.
He promotes the concept that the desire is mother of all achievement.
In the same context, Faith is about visualizing and believing that you will attain your desire.
Auto suggestion is the practice of re-phrasing or affirming yours goals and achievement.
We can refer this in today's terms as developing clear perspectives in business or in our personal life.
To be clear about our goals and the means of achieving them is critical to anyone success.
Rather than being passive and victim of the circumstances, the "Sixth Sense" awareness enables us to be in full control of our destiny and to reach for the sky.
Remember that you have absolute control over your mind whichever the circumstances are.
Remain in control and achieve success in your life.
Anyone who takes action with total commitment to success can achieve the best results against all the odds.
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