How to Make Batik Print Paper

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    • 1). Break up your wax into small pieces and place them into your melting pot. Slowly melt down your wax to a liquid consistency.

    • 2). Make your tjap impressions. Place your tjap, design side down, into the wax and let sit for three or four seconds. Lift out the tjap and press down on your paper to make impressions. Repeat until you have the amount of designs you want.

    • 3). Brush on your color. Use a small, soft bristle paint brush to apply your ink or paint over the paper. The waxed areas will not absorb the color. Let the pigment dry for at least half an hour, then repeat the application of wax tjap designs. This time, your designs will appear as a different color rather than negative space. Now ink, or paint, over the paper with your second color.

    • 4). Once it's completely dry, softly wrinkling the paper will give your design that authentic batik look.

    • 5). Iron over your final image. This step is primarily the same for cloth and paper. Preheat your iron to medium, and place a blank piece of newsprint paper (you can also use a regular piece of newspaper) over the design. Iron over your batik paper in a circular motion. This will help set the color as well as melt the wax into place. If the wax melts through the newspaper, slowly peel it off and replace with a fresh sheet. Let your batik print sit for one hour to set.

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