Things to Consider Before Buying Dedicated Server

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While evaluating hosted services, user enterprise should consider the following important factors:
Optimized Network:
Whether the potential provider offers capabilities like 24x7 monitoring, packet-loss prevention and low-latency operations as well as adequate bandwidth protection through a redundant network architecture and rapid adoption of alternate data routes. This really becomes crucial for enterprises that deal with international delivery of mission-critical data/applications.

The providers generally offer a range of service plans built around rate-volume-pricing structures. Also check if the provider also offers peering arrangements and other features designed to maintain high availability and reliable network.

It is wise to carefully consider the provider's own physical and virtual infrastructure. Is the fiber links to the Internet redundant? Take care that they have at least 10Gb switching and cabling capacity and their core routing and switching systems are continuously and thoroughly monitored.

If you are tasked with optimizing your site or service, then make sure to investigate latency. Google Analytics Site Speed reports can sample and report on real, user experienced latency of your visitors.
as a consumer, check the latency numbers in addition to the size of the pipe.
Scalable Server Resources:
Today's cloud is massively scalable in terms of storage and server resources, available to business users across the globe, many of whom are side-stepping traditional IT procedures to acquire them. Our decade long experience of infrastructure management teaches us that the data environments are only as effective as its weakest component allows them to be.
Data Center Location:
If you can't make the bits travel faster, then the only way to improve the situation is to move the bits closer: That is place your servers closer to your users and leverage CDN. So if you have most of your users in India, then prefer an India Hosting Service provider.
Managed Services:
Finally, what counts more than anything else is the reliability of a capable managed service provider. Majority of Data Center Infrastructure provider have their focus on their infrastructure management at the data center level rather than at your server level. Therefore it becomes critically important to strengthen the data center services with a managed service provider who focuses on managing your server and understands and does everything that is needed to make your application availability a priority.The main points to consider once 24x7 monitoring, packet-loss prevention, low-latency, redundant network, high availability, reliable network, virtual infrastructure, optimizing your site, Scalable Server Resources, Data Center Location, CDN, Managed Services, infrastructure management.
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