Maintenence Resolutions

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Typically at the beginning of each New Year we are inundated with information about letting go or stating something new.
Let go of unwanted weight or shed bad habits.
Start working out.
Begin to eat healthier.

The New Year seems to always be about letting go of something or adding something. Consider what it might look like if instead we identified what is going well in our lives that we want to maintain.

Take a moment to consider what you already have in your life in which you are totally satisfied. What is your resolution to maintain?

How often do we start something and then we get side-tracked, caught off guard, busy and what happens? We stop what we've started. We let go and later look back longingly, "I used to have time for _____." "I wish I never stopped _____." These statements are common.

Instead of looking back longingly at the "good old days when...." I urge you to identify what you don't want to let go of and resolve to maintain it. To get this started I'll share with you my top five list of maintenance resolutions.
Here's how it goes.

I resolve to maintain and not let go of my:
#1 - Closest relationships.
#2 - Health and well-being.
#3 - Spirituality.
#4 - Creativity.
#5 - Independence.

With each of these resolutions I have created a more in depth plan for how I'm actually going to maintain these 5 things in my life. To create the more in depth plan, I asked the following questions:
What actions must I do to maintain this in my life?
What attitude and behavior must I exhibit to maintain this in my life?
What tools must I have to maintain this in my life?

For example: Maintaining My Health and Well-being
Actions I must take to maintain my success -
Workout a minimum of 3 days a week
Make time to cycle every week
Go for annual check-up with the family doctor
Take the time to make healthy meals for dinner 4 times a week

Attitudes I must exhibit -
I am willing and happy to go work out
It's a necessity for me to have an annual exam.
I enjoy my time exercising
I appreciate fueling my body with good food

Tools that will support my success -
Appropriate clothes and shoes for working out
Fresh food
Healthy eating cookbooks

What do you resolve to maintain in your life?
Just like any other goal or resolution if you write down what you commit to maintaining you will have a higher probability of success. Tell someone else what you are committing to and you'll have an even higher probability of success. So, write it down, share it with others, and resolve to maintain the success already in your life!
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