Prep Cook Responsibilities

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    Preparing Food For Cooking

    • A prep cook will not do a lot of the actual cooking, according to Instead he will be responsible for chopping vegetables and cutting and trimming meat to prepare it for cooking.

    Food Management

    • The prep cook sometimes will have other responsibilities in the kitchen, such as making sure all leftover supplies are stored properly, according to He can also be responsible for restocking buffet items in a buffet restaurant.

    Food Temperature

    • A prep cook is responsible for making sure that food is cooked to the proper temperature and the serving temperature is maintained. This can include checking soups and buffet stations to make sure the temperature does not fall below the required level indicated by the state's department of health.


    • Prep cooks will commonly prepare salads to be served with meals. The prep cook is responsible for chopping all the ingredients for the salad and plating them in an attractive manner for serving.

    Miscellaneous Tasks

    • indicates that a prep cook may have to fill in on other kitchen responsibilities. This can include tasks such as washing dishes and taking out the kitchen trash.

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