Decorating Ideas for Kids Cakes

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    Pick a theme

    • Start by choosing a central theme for the cake, based on the child's interests, such as favorite characters, animals or aquariums. Then sit down with a pencil and paper and draw your ideal vision for the cake. This will give you a blueprint to work from.
      Next, think outside the box as you figure out how to assemble the design. For instance, inexpensive action figures can bring a super hero theme to life and double as a fun extra present. For an aquarium, you can use gummy fish and Swedish fish to "swim" around the frosting sea.

    Decorate From the Inside Out

    • Why should the outside of a cake have all the fun? Rainbow cakes are a cinch to make and offer a bright, colorful surprise when you slice it up. Mix up a box of white cake mix, according to package directions, and then divide the batter between bowls. Tint each bowl a different color (such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple) and then add each color to the baking pans, one at a time. Tap gently to even the top and cook according to package directions. You could also make these using two to three colors that match the party theme.

    Fanciful Designs

    • With a pastry bag, a coupler and some tips, add snazzy designs to the frosting or icing such as a web for a Spiderman cake or a pumpkin for a Halloween-themed birthday cake. Start by practicing your design on waxed paper. Once you have it perfect, recreate it on the cake.
      Take advantage of a cake's round shape. Use your favorite frosting, tinted to your child's favorite color. Then, use candies and licorice to create a design such as a smiley face, your child's first initial or a peace sign.

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