Three Must Have Photography Tips

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When taking photos there are a lot of different factors that come into play.
I Have found these following three tips to be extremely helpful no matter what kind of situation I am facing.
As you read along you should ask yourself whether or not you do these things before taking each shot.
Tip #1.
Make sure to Have adequate Lighting.
The most important component to any quality picture is the lighting.
There is no way to take a good shot in poor light.
Make sure to always have a Reliable light source facing your intended picture target.
The kind of lighting can vary and so can the ways you place your light.
The key here is to make sure that you take the appropriate steps dictated by the type of picture you are aiming for.
If you are taking an outdoor wedding photo using the natural lighting of the sun you would always want to make sure there glare.
Seeing a big bright spot where a persons face is supposed to be will make the photo and time spent taking it a waste.
If you are taking a family portrait indoors then you have much more control.
Make sure to set the mood with your lighting.
This can be done in many different ways from putting different shades of colors in front of your light source to varying the wattage of light you use.
There are many different options here but one thing will never change.
Make sure to get your lighting down correctly before you shoot any photo! Tip #2 Take Lots of Pictures Sometimes the best pictures ever taken can be shot by mistake.
I have always preferred to take as many pictures as possible for a two simple reasons.
Reason One, The more pictures you take the better shot you will have at finding one you really enjoy.
You increase your odds of taking that real winning shot just by clicking your camera a few extra times.
Reason Two, The more pictures you take the more comfortable you become at taking pictures.
This may sound silly but it works.
Experience can not be given it must be earned.
This can only be done by taking more photos and learning what techniques you most identify with.
Tip #3 Get as Much Feedback as Possible When you are improving, get other opinions instead of just judging your own work.
There are plenty of people out there willing to help your photography, even if they don't realize it.
Tell people you don't just want to know if they like a shot or not, but you want to know what they like or don't like about it.
Also, it's not just other photographer's you want feedback from.
People who have no idea about photography can still give an opinion that could make you realize something you could have done to improve the shot, so get feedback from as many different sources as possible.
Hopefully these three simple but effective tips will help you become a better photographer.
Patience and an open mind will also help a great deal.
You can learn just as much or even more from your failures as you do from your success.
Keep that in mind as you utilize these tips.
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