How to Create a Position Description Library

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    • 1). Research job descriptions on some of the many available human resource websites. You will find tips about how to write high-quality position descriptions that appropriately describe the work involved in a particular job. Look at job descriptions from other businesses, human resources websites and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for examples of position information (such as average salary, duties and requirements).

    • 2). Write the position descriptions. Choose job titles that reflect job functions. Include a list of the position duties, responsibilities, skills, requirements, compensation, and benefits. Choose either the paragraph format (where all information is included in one large paragraph) or the heading format (where information is separated under headings, such as responsibilities, skills, etc.) to ensure continuity within the library and future job descriptions.

    • 3). Organize your position descriptions. Group the jobs by department, classification or other similar criteria. You can use computer software such as FileMaker Pro or Access to store your job descriptions in a searchable, digital database. Smaller businesses may simply create word processing documents for each position description.

    • 4). Create your position description library database file or printed copy. Database software allows you to create and save your information as a searchable file. You can also print hard copies of the job descriptions and place them in a binder. Include an index and page numbers in your printed position description library for ease of use.

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