Choose a Mauritius Holiday for Great Deep Sea Fishing Opportunities

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If your idea of a perfect break involves going fishing in beautiful surroundings and under sunny skies, holidays to Mauritius could be the ideal choice.
This Indian Ocean island is best known as a destination for beach getaways, with thousands of Britons heading to its luxurious resorts every year to work on their tans and enjoy some pampering.
But it also has plenty to offer people who want to try some activities while they are away.
One of the best available is deep sea fishing, as the waters off Mauritius provide a habitat for all sorts of exotic species you wouldn't encounter back home.
And as landing fish weighing more than 100 lbs is not unusual, you are sure to have some impressive tales to tell your fellow anglers when you return to the UK.
There are a host of charter companies offering boat rides for fishermen from the island.
Choose to stay at a high-quality holiday complex, such as Beachcomber Hotels' Shandrani Resort, and staff will be able to recommend one of the best operators.
Book a trip with a good firm and all the equipment you need for a successful day on the waves will be supplied, including lures, live bait, reels and special big game rods.
The crew will also know exactly where the best spots for fishing are, giving you a good chance of landing a monster catch.
One of the ultimate achievements for an angler is to land a blue marlin, as the spectacular fish can weigh as much as 2,000 lbs.
There is no better place to do it than Mauritius, as they are in plentiful supply in the waters around the island and you can enjoy the sunshine as you battle for hours to reel one in.
You may also encounter the slightly smaller but no less valued black marlin during your day on the waves.
As a keen fishermen you will no doubt be aware of the importance of conservation and be pleased to hear that all marlin are returned to the sea after being caught - although you will have the chance to get your photo taken with your prize first.
Even if you are not fortunate enough to come across a blue marlin, you can look forward to trying to reel in other big fish, such as the yellowfin tuna.
These fish, which can weigh up to 225 lbs, are plentiful in the waters around Mauritius, as are the smaller skipjack and dog tooth tuna.
Species such as sailfish, wahoo and dorado also call that part of the Indian Ocean home, while it is not unknown for people on deep sea fishing trips in the area to land tiger, mako or hammerhead sharks.
Like the marlin, they should be thrown back.
Of course, whether you are an experienced angler or a complete novice, there is no guarantee you will catch anything - but there are other reasons to spend the day on a boat off the coast of this beautiful island.
The views from onboard are great and you can spend hours relaxing in the sun and chatting with fellow fishing enthusiasts, as well as looking forward to a lunchtime barbecue.
The sea around Mauritius is also a habitat for dolphins and the crew will be happy to take you to see these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.
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