How to Keep an HP Power Cord From Breaking

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    • 1). Hook up the HP power cord to your computer without stretching it to its maximum. Power cords are full of small, delicate wires that can break when stretched. Situate your computer desk close enough to a wall outlet to ensure that the cord is not overly stretched.

    • 2). Run the cord from the wall outlet to your desktop or laptop computer without bending it at sharp angles. Although power cords can withstand some bending, bending it any more than 90 degrees will put undue strain on the wires inside the cord. Use a power bar or extension cord, if necessary, to allow the HP cord to run without major bends.

    • 3). Fold up the cord loosely when packing it for travel. With laptops, you'll need to pack up your cord every time you move your computer. Loop it into several large loops instead of folding it tightly to make it compact. If your computer bag is large enough, it should hold the cord evenly without being folded tightly.

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