Relief for Ear Ache

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    • As soon as you begin to feel an ear infection, take alcohol-free echinacea by mouth. Mix together equal parts garlic oil, olive oil and mullein oil and pour a few drops in your ear. Or you can purchase garlic oil ear drops from a health food store. Relieve an outer earache by making a paste of clay or onion powder with water. Apply the paste to the outside of the ear. Swish around in your mouth a half dropperful of alcohol-free goldenseal in your mouth every three hours. You can put the extract in sugar-free yogurt if you are giving it to a child. Buy Earache Tablets from the brand Hyland's Inc. This homeopathic remedy contains sulfur, chamomilla and pulsatilla.


    • Most conventional medicines include antibiotics, either given through an ear dropper or pills. While taking any antibiotics, be sure to replace the healthy bacteria being destroyed by taking acidophilus pills or eating yogurt containing acidophilus. Depending on the cause and level of pain, pain medication is prescribed. If drainage builds up in the ear, an otolaryngologist will have to drain the ear. Earaches brought on by sinus congestion will require a decongestant. Manage an earache and fever by taking either acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Some children who get frequent ear infections have ear tubes inserted by their doctor to help with the draining. These tubes usually last between a year to two years and fall out on their own.


    • While treating an earache, keep the ear as dry as possible. Take baths instead of showers or pull a shower cap over your ears. For some relief, apply hot and cold compresses behind the ear. Some earaches are caused by food allergies. Avoid common food allergies like wheat, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts and simple carbohydrates. Sugar and dairy will suppress the immune system and should be avoided.

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