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Sure, you can go to the movies, that is if you want to mortgage your house and sell your old collection of baseball cards that you've managed to collect since you were a wee lad of 11 or 32.
At $7 to $10 a ticket you might want to be somewhat selective in the movies you attend.
Remember when you were a kid that there was no such thing as DVD movies for sale at any price, and you didn't care anyway.
Anyone could go to the movies for a quarter and buy a coke for a nickel and a very large sour pickle for ten cents.
Of course we haven't talked about snacks.
Who goes to the movies and just watches the movie.
We all know that first off you have to have a box of buttered popcorn.
I'm talking bushel basket size here.
Next, comes the super whopper giant sized diet coke, no foam please.
Oh yeah, don't you hate it when they serve you your drink with the sticky stuff dripping down the side.
At least you don't have to put up with this stuff when you find good DVD movies for sale at your local video store.
So, save yourself some money and just stay at home to go to the movies.
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