GMAT Quantitative Tips

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    • In the quantitative section, unlike the verbal and analytical reading section, you will not need the keyboard at your assigned computer. Move it out of your way and use the space in front of your monitor as a little desktop for writing. You must use your scrap paper for every single question, regardless of how basic it appears. The questions that seem very simple at first glance are usually deceptive. However, because the GMAT will only test you on high school math concepts, you shouldn't find yourself struggling with complex computations.

    Find the Sucker Answer

    • There will almost always be an answer choice that is a wrong answer formed from a common computational error. Many test-takers will choose this wrong answer if they rush, don't check their work, or don't read the question carefully. When studying for the test, practice finding not only the right answer when you solve a question, but also identify the "sucker" answer.

    Exercise Your Math Mind

    • When you've been studying for the quantitative portion of the GMAT for hours and can't possibly take anymore, put away your books and take out a jigsaw puzzle or any type of puzzle that will give the math portion of your mind a workout. Chess is another game that requires strategy and problem-solving skills. Alternatively, certain video games such as "Civilization" or other games that require you to use analytical reasoning, assess information and make quick decisions are good practice for the GMAT.


    • You have to fill in every question with an answer or else you will be penalized. If you're absolutely not sure of a question, eliminate answer choices that you know are wrong and then guess. Even if you have one minute left on the test and five or six unanswered questions, you should still fill them in with some answer choice.

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