The Benefits of Joining a Skating Club

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Joining a skate club is one of the best ways to connect with other skaters, with whom you can train, travel, share knowledge and socialize - even if you skate, train and compete as an individual. A good club can provide many of the benefits of both team activities and individual training, in fact, many clubs are composed of a mix of skating teams and individual members.
Train in a Professional Skating Environment
A skating club will offer a more professional environment in which to train and practice your inline skating sport.

Each skating club facility offers a different selection of services but some can include:
  • Access to regular practice sessions

  • A location to schedule lessons and training

  • Pro shops for equipment purchase and maintenance service

  • Rental skates and gear for beginners

  • Access to cross-training or workout facilities

  • Access to seminars, workshops and other supplemental training
Access to Inline Skating Trainers
The club is a good resource for coaches and instructors who are willing to develop skaters regardless of ability, skating level or goals. Most clubs have criteria that must be met for their professional staff. Coaching services are not limited to serious competitors in most club environments. A good skating club will offer reliable group and private instruction to beginners, casual competitors and elite individuals or teams.
Accommodations for Levels of Performance
In addition to groups defined by ability or skating discipline, a skating club will also provide sessions based on the age groups of participants.

Working with their own peers, even in practice sessions, will make skaters more comfortable and help them evaluate their own progress compared to with skaters of a similar age and development level.
Opportunities for Social Interaction
Joining a skating club provides an opportunity to meet individuals and make friends with skaters with similar goals. In a club that offers services from multiple skating disciplines, these new contacts could expose you to roller sports activities that you would never have considered outside of the club.
Club Memberships Can Offer Savings
Most skating clubs charge monthly or annual membership fees that allow access to the skating surface and other basic aspects of the facility. Team or individual training fees are booked separately with coaches and instructors or a-la-carte in the club office. Most club fees are reasonable for those who use the facility regularly, and are usually much less expensive than short-term floor fees.

Whether you skate to improve health and fitness, improve technique, competition or just for fun, the best benefit of joining an inline or roller skating club will be the opportunity to practice and train with an organized group in a location with the services you need in one place.
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