How to effectively treat acne scars in teenagers

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Acne ?? formed particul?rly ?n teenagers ?nd ?ls? affects a section ?f the adult population a? well. The m?st common c?u?e f?r the formation of acne i? due t? th? excess secretion of sebum from th? sebaceous glands. This excess oil secretion ?? unable t? make its w?? out of the skin due to the clogging of th? pores ?f the skin resulting in the outbreak of acne ?n th? layer below th? skin. However, it is also ne?essary t? point out th?t acne m?y ?l?? be caused due to excessive stress and hormonal imbalances. In m?st cases, acne appears on the skin in th? form of ? reddish inflammation ?r swelling which ?s at times ?lso painful.

It lo?ks lik? ?n ugly spot or ? blemish and adversely affects outer appearance. What is ?v?n more annoying i? th?t in m??t cases, acne m?y heal ?fter a considerable period of time but ?n ?everal cases th?? leave b?h?nd prominent scars ?r marks on th? skin. One ?f th? primary measures that need t? be undertaken in order to ensure the prevention ?f acne scars is to make sur? that one do?s not pick ?n an acne whil? ?t is healing a? it cam result in th? formation of ugly scars. Moreover, damage to the skin ?hould be prevented b? ensuring proper protection ?g??n?t th? sun by u??ng sunscreen.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids ?nd Beta Hydroxy Acids are extremely effective in treating acne scars in teenagers. These h?lp ?n th? rejuvenation of th? skin. Vitamin A supplements l?ke Tretinoin ar? extremely helpful in aiding th? swift reduction of swelling thu? preventing th? formation of acne scars on the skin. Collagen injections ?re quit? effective in treating acne scars ?s th?? are injected directly ?nto th? scar t? raise it ?n th? ?ame level a? th?t ?f th? skin. Other forms ?f dermal filters ?re used in the ?ame manner t? ensure proper treatment ?f acne scars in teenagers. However, thes? are n?t permanent remedies ?nd therefore, ?ft?r a considerable period of time, th?? procedure h?s t? b? repeated again. Skin grafting i? ?nother w?? ?f treating acne scars. In these cases th? scar ?s cut ?nd th? wound so formed i? sewn ?nd theref?r? th? scar becom?? untraceable. However, the mo?t effective form ?f treatment us?d f?r treating acne scars would b? by u??ng the mode of laser resurfacing whi?h ?rov?d?s ? permanent solution in treating th? acne scars ?n teenagers.

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