What a Windows Computer Registry Is, How It Slows Down Your Computer, & How to Fix It Fast

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You might ask, "What the heck is a registry, and why do I need to clean it?" and my answer would be, "If you value the work you do on the computer, and depend on your computer to help you, then you need to make sure it will not break down.
" People who have had their computers crash on them look like someone close to them just died, and funny though that may seem, it is what you will feel too if you get used to surfing or working on your PC on a regular basis.
There are ways to detect early signs of a systems crash, if you know what to watch out for.
The most clear and significant change would be a slower computer.
An unusually slow computer is because your Windows computer registry is bogged down by too much data which are corrupt, riddled with errors, full of invalid keys, or signals that are either empty or unused.
The fact is all these can happen.
When you download, upload, install, uninstall, or make system changes in your Control Panel, these actions get stored in the registry.
These changes can cause the registry to get fragmented.
With a failing registry, your computer without a doubt, will start to collapse and eventually crash.
To remedy any errors, and avoid future build ups of invalid files, you need a registry cleaner.
This is a program that can scan, detect, and report back to you all the errors in your registry.
With this information, you can have the registry delete or repair the files, or you can do it yourself.
Of course, why do it yourself when the registry cleaner can do it for you perfectly?
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