German Firewood Stacking Technique

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    Essential Items

    • In order to stack wood using the German technique and build a holzhaufen, you will need to first ensure your wood is split into pieces between 12 and 24 inches long with some consistency. You will also need several smaller pieces of wood that are the size of kindling pieces and a straight pole, such as an aluminum pole, that is roughly the same height as the holzhaufen. The pole should, in theory, be between 4- and 10-feet tall. Finally, you will need a board, preferably lightweight, that is equal to the intended diameter of the holzhaufen with a hole drilled through the center to insert the pole.


    • The ideal spot for constructing a holzhaufen is on level ground in a sunny area. The sun is necessary to prevent wood from being damaged by mold after rain or moist ground. In addition, the ground must be level for the holzhaufen to be stable and not tip over. Approximately 6 feet of circular space is ideal but is slightly dependent upon the size of wood. For example, the shorter the wood, the smaller the diameter of the holzhaufen.


    • Begin constructing by putting the pole in the center of the area designated for the holzhaufen. Begin stacking the wood in a circle around the outside and keep the center area hollow. Continue to stack until the wood is roughly 3 feet high. Then, fill the inner core area with wood that is placed vertically. Continue to stack the outer area and start sloping the stack inward with each new row. Eventually, the rows will meet together in the middle and form a cone-like roof. The final step is to place a layer of logs, wood side out, across the top area in order to protect the stacked wood from weather elements.

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