Fitting a Shower Into Your Tiny Bathroom

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People who live in urban apartments or old houses can face problems with installing a shower into their bathrooms.
Most of these bathrooms are extremely small, and it may seem that since all the space is already taken up by existing fixtures, there's no hope of ever having a shower.
However, there are options available to give you that shower you want.
The first thing you could try is taking the bathtub completely out.
In most of these types of accommodations, the bathtubs are old, large, and take up way more room than they need to.
By removing this old tub, you'll have the room you need to fit a fancy shower enclosure in the space instead.
Unfortunately, this means no more long hot baths, but if you want to create more space, this may be your only option.
Before replacing your bathtub you need to realize that removing the tub will decrease the value of your property.
Most potential buyers will expect there to be a bathtub.
If you have a very large bedroom, you might consider adding a sunken bathtub to the bedroom in addition to adding the shower.
You'll find that a lot of people will really like this idea.
Maybe you have one of those nifty old claw foot bathtubs that are so in demand today.
If you have sufficient ceiling height, you can add a showerhead to your bathtub.
If you don't have the height to work with, you can find shower heads on flexible hoses that you can attach to the faucet of your bathtub.
You might decide to forget the shower enclosure and the bathtub and just turn your entire bathroom into a shower.
You will need to install walls and floors made of concrete or stone which could be rather costly, but the results will be truly amazing.
Just be sure to add a floor drain.
The problem with this kind of design may be where you're going to put a toilet, sink, and mirror.
If there's room, you could put up a glass or Plexiglas partition and place your other fixtures behind the wall.
The more things you're able to remove from your small bathroom will mean you have that much more additional room for a fancy shower.
When you get to doing remodeling of this scope, you will probably need to find a professional contractor to do the work for you.
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