Buying a Home after Bankruptcy - Steps for Buying a Home after Bankruptcy

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Getting credit after bankruptcy is very important.
However, getting approved for a credit card, auto loan, or home loan with a reasonable rate is challenging.
Still, the key to boosting credit score and rebuilding credit is obtaining new accounts.
It is possible to buy a home one day after a discharge.
Unfortunately, lenders will make you pay for past mistakes by charging excessive rates and fees.
If buying a home after bankruptcy, consider the following steps.
Establish New Credit Accounts If you apply for a home loan immediately following a bankruptcy, expect unreasonably high rates.
Because of past debts being eliminated, some people feel that after bankruptcy is the perfect time to buy a home.
However, mortgage lenders think otherwise.
Regardless of whether you can afford a home, or your good intentions to pay the mortgage, lenders will not view you as credit worthy.
Some lenders will quickly deny a home loan application, whereas others will charge higher rates.
Paying a high interest rate will greatly increase your monthly mortgage payments.
To avoid this common pitfall, attempt to establish new credit accounts before buying a home.
Maintain Timely Payments to Creditors After a discharge, you have the power to undue past mistakes and start fresh.
With this said, it is important to maintain regular payments.
New creditors are providing you with the opportunity to rebuild credit.
While bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for seven to ten years, a high credit score following a past bankruptcy may open the door for better rates.
Thus, is it essential to pay bills on time and maintain low balances.
Postpone Buying a Home for 24 Months Because of low mortgage rates and rising home prices, many people are eager to buy a home.
However, if you purchase a home immediately following a bankruptcy, you will not be able to take advantage of low mortgage rates.
Instead, be patient and wait at least two years.
During this time, strive to improve your credit.
Use a Sub Prime Lender for Home Loan Even with good credit, some home lenders will not offer reasonable rates to people with past bankruptcies.
However, sub prime mortgage lenders work with all credit types.
These lenders offer loans to people with good credit, bad credit, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc.
Moreover, sub prime lenders do not charge outrageous fees.
They offer affordable bad credit home loans, which allow more people to become homeowners.
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